Bunded storage warehouses are the secure, effective storage solution for large volumes of chemicals. Safety Storage Systems can custom manufacture bunded chemical storage warehouses to any size, to meet any required storage capacity. We also offer standard, ready to ship, 32 pallet, 40 pallet and 56 pallet bunded storage warehouses. All bunded chemical storage warehouses comply with PPG26 guidelines.

Bunded Storage

Model Size(mm) Bund
32 Pallet Warehouse 8600w x 7500d x 4000h 9200 litres
40 Pallet Warehouse 8600w x 13000d x 4000h 11500 litres
56 pallet Warehouse 8600w x 18600d x 4000h 16100 litres

Standard Features

  • Can be manufactured to any size or storage capacity.
  • Prefabricated off site for short lead times.
  • 1 week install.
  • For bunded storage of Chemical Drums and IBC containers.
  • Secure and weatherproof.
  • Bunded storage racks.
  • Wide range of options.
  • 5.6m wide aisle.
  • Complies with the requirements of PPG26.

Customised Features

    This product can be customised to your requirements:

  • Can be manufactured to any size.
  • Wide range of internal storage layouts
  • Can be finished in any colour.
  • Fire protected versions.
  • Range of safety / warning signage options.
  • Bunded Chemical Storage Temperature control systems can be fitted to store your chemicals at preset temperatures.


Bunded Storage Specifications

Storage Capacity

Bunded chemical storage warehouses are suitable for large volume storage of chemical drums and IBCs. They can be manufactured to any specified size / storage capacity.


Bunded storage warehouses are delivered to site in prefabricated welded sections for final assembly on site. Each unit is constructed with heavy duty tubular steel framework.


Epoxy coated steel bunds are fitted as standard with the option of polyethylene bunds available for corrosive chemical storage. Each standard bunded storage warehouse features bunded storage racks with a 2200 litre bund per two pallet wide storage bay. All chemical bunds are leak tested and certified.


Ventilation panels feature on all walls of each chemical storage warehouse. Electrical extract fans can be fitted to facilitate further ventilation if required.


Customers have the option of single skin metal cladding, insulated walls or fire rated walls (to BS 476, part 22). Speak to our expert team for advice on the best wall materials for your chemical storage requirements.

Acces & Securitys

Choose between sliding doors or roller doors. Personnel doors and fire escape doors are also fitted to each bunded storage unit. All doors are lockable ensuring complete chemical storage security.

Flooring & Shelving

Typical shelf heights within each warehouse are 1300mm. Pallets and IBC containers are stored on parallel beams (similar to pallet racking) within the warehouse. We also offer the option of heavy duty open mesh grating on shelves to allow bunded storage of non palletised drums.

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