Bespoke / Custom Designed Chemical Stores

Our chemical storage manufacturing expertise coupled with our in-house design capability allows Safety Storage Systems to deliver high quality hazchem storage solutions customised according to the specific customer requirements.

Our team of engineers liaise with each customer to deliver bespoke chemical storage solutions, taking into consideration all aspects of design from dimensions, to positioning of access doors, internal layout configurations, thermal protection, ventilation, spillage containment in accordance with current standards. In fact 80% of the chemical stores that we manufacture have been customised in some way to suit our client's particular chemical storage requirements.

Bunded Storage

Examples of customised features include

  • Chemical Stores manufactured to dimensions to suit available space on site.
  • Chemical stores assembled on site where access is limited.
  • Choice of door positions.
  • Internal storage layouts with segregation to suit your mix of chemicals or processes.
  • Combination of pallet storage and 'walk-in' storage for smaller containers.
  • Frost protection.
  • Fire protection.
  • Extraction systems for harmful vapours.
  • Full electrical fit out: lighting, extraction, sockets in IP and Atex.
  • Access ports for pipelines.
Case Study of Bespoke Solutions customise-your-solution


The five quick steps include:

  • Initial meeting with client to outline requirements and draw up specification.
  • Budget cost or detailed quotation provided.
  • Amendments to specification as required.
  • Final quotation.
  • Drawing for approval issued on receipt of order.

Case Studies

Bunded IBC Store with rear personnel access.

Chemical Store

Our client needed a Bunded IBC Store for 4 IBCs of corrosives.

The store needed to be temperature controlled and personnel access was required to facilitate coupling of hoses for decanting the IBC contents.

We manufactured a custom IBC Store with rear personnel access for decanting, temperature control to maintain internal temperatures at 20°c, polyethylene bunds for corrosives and a rear bunded walkway for personnel.

The store was delivered fully assembled to our client 6 weeks from receipt of order, requiring only connection to an electrical supply.

Features included:

  • Storage for 4 IBCs.
  • Rear bunded personnel access corridor to allow connection of hoses to IBC valves.
  • Insulated construction.
  • Temperature control – heating & cooling. Alarm if temperature goes outside parameters.
  • 2 x 1100 litre Polyethylene bunds for corrosives.
  • Electric roller shutter doors.

Contact our sales team for more information on this store. We can manufacture custom Chemical Stores to suit your specific storage requirements.

Case Study 2

Chemical Store

Our client, a multinational Adhesives manufacturer required a drum heating oven complete with a system for agitating their chemicals. The oven was required to heat 4No. 210 Litre drums.

The store boasts dual heating to ensure consistency of temperature across the area to 23°c, cooling to maintain temperature tolerances of 1.5°c, a vibrating drum table to agitate chemicals, ventilation to vent hazardous gases, automatic fire extinguisher, lighting with emergency pack and three digital temperature readouts. We introduced fail safes to the store through a door locking & opening system, visual & audible alarms, venting of space confirmation and lockout systems.

All electrical equipment within the store was Atex rated and the store is clad with a two hour fire rating. This store was constructed within a tight schedule and delivered to site ready for immediate use.

Case Study 3

Chemical Store

Our client, an international mineral mining company, required a custom solution for storage of their non standard waste chemical IBC tanks.

We met our client on site to agree the best solution for storage of their non standard IBCs. Given the harsh environment and the large handling equipment on site, an extra heavy duty framework was specified for the chemical stores with larger clearances for their handling equipment.

The chemical stores were delivered to site fully assembled and ready for immediate use within 4 weeks.

For actually listening to what the customer requires, I would have to say that Safety Storage Systems Ltd. ticks all the boxes. Their customer service is excellent
Brian Quaid, Environmental Officer (Waste Management), Lisheen Mine

Case Study 4

Chemical Store

Abbott Pharmaceuticals needed a dedicated Chemical Store for storage of 44 pallets of hazardous chemicals.

After our on site consultation, we agreed that a Bunded Chemical Warehouse, custom designed to suit their specific requirements would be the best solution. The warehouse was delivered to site in pre-fabricated modules for final assembly on site.

Delivery to site was 5 weeks from order with installation completed in 2 weeks.

Everything that has been done by Safety Storage is complete and functional. I am extremely happy with the standard of work carried out.
Michael Tuohy, EHS Manager, Abbott Pharmaceuticals.

Case Study 5

Chemical Store

A University in Edinburgh approached Safety Storage Systems Ltd. looking for a safe storage solution for their waste chemicals. Our representative called to site to meet with the staff responsible for the Chemical Waste area, assess their storage needs and carry out a site survey.

The university required bunded secure storage for

  • Waste Solvent in drums. Waste solvents would be transferred to larger drums in this area so atex extraction and anti-static grounding would be necessary.
  • Empty waste drums.
  • Waste powders and non flammable liquids.

Compartment 1 – Flammables. One hour fire protection to BS476 part 22. Walk-in bunded storage area with storage for 6 x 205 litre drums. Ramp for trolleys. Anti-static grounding kit, atex frost protection, atex lighting and atex extraction.

Compartment 2 – Empty drums. Bunded compartment for storage of empty waste drums and containers.

Compartment 3 – Waste powders and non flammable chemicals. Walk-in bunded storage area with storage for 6 x 205 litre drums. Ramp for trolleys. Anti-static grounding kit, lighting and extraction.

The Waste Chemical Store was manufactured in 4 weeks from approval of our drawings and delivered to site fully assembled. We provided a hiab to offload the store and place in position. All that was required was for the Universities electrical contractor to bring mains power to the distribution board on the store.

Delivery and installation of the new Chemical Storage Unit went really smooth. We’re all really happy with the unit in terms of quality and functionality.
Building Superintendent.

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