Our reusable drain seals protect storm water drains from chemical spillage. Available in a choice of washable Neoprene rubber and Polyurethane for deployment and re-use. Re usable drain clamp locks into position over drain.

One use Drain Seals

Quantity Size (mm)
4 Pack 400 x 400mm PDF Image
4 Pack 650 x 450mm PDF Image

Reusable Drain Seals & Clamps

Model Size (mm)
PU Drain Seal 400 x 400mm PDF Image
PU Drain Seal 600 x 600mm PDF Image
PU Drain Seal 800 x 800mm PDF Image
Drain Clamp 625 x 625mm PDF Image
Wall Bracket for Drain seals

Standard Features

  • Drain seals designed to seal drains to greatly reduce the quantity of spilled chemical entering storm water drains.
  • One use drain seals adhere to rusty and uneven surfaces to create seal.
  • Reusable Drain Seals can be cleaned and re used.
  • 3.0m Spill Blocker creates a dam to contain spilled chemicals.
  • Steel Drain Clamp mechanism clamps through slots in drain to provide seal.
  • Wall storage box available to store drain seals when not in use

One Use Drain Seals

Flexible putty adheres to uneven rough surfaces.

Reusable Drain Seals

Can be deployed and reused again. Choice of Neoprene rubber or Polyurethane. Heavy duty steel drain clamp.

Customised Features


One Use Drain Seal

Flexible Putty material delivered in plastic wrapper.

PU Drain Seal.

Highly visible yellow modified polyurethane. Thickness: 13mm. Optional Wall mounted storage box.

Drain Clamp

Powder coated steel construction with clamp mechanism that attaches to slot in drain. Modified polyurethane seal. Wall brackets for storage.

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