Our flammable storage cabinets enable fire proof internal storage of highly flammable chemicals. The heavy duty flameproof construction incorporates welded steel, hinged fire proof doors, spill containment bunds and insulated firewall panels.

Each of our flammables cabinets provide up to 90 minutes fire protection to ensure safe storage of flammable liquids, solvents, alcohols, fuels, paints and thinners. Reduce the risk of flammable chemicals igniting or adding to a fire on your premises with quality flammable safety cabinets from Safety Storage Systems.

Flameproof Cabinets

Model Size (mm) Level
FC6 915w x 460d x 710h 2 storage levels PDF
FC4 460w x 460d x 760h 2 storage levels PDF Image
FC7 915w x 460d x 915h 2 storage levels PDF
FC10 915w x 460d x 1830h 4 storage levels PDF Image
Many other sizes available - contact our sales office for details

FM Flammable Storage Cabinets

Model Size (mm) Levels Image
25040 432w x 432d x 560h 2 storage levels PDF Image
25710 600w x 460d x 890h 2 storage levels PDF
25300 1095w x 460d x 1120h 3 storage levels PDF
25450 1095w x 460d x 1650h 3 storage levels PDF Image
Many other sizes available - contact our sales office for further details on our range of FM flammable storage cabinets.

90 minute Flammables Cabinets to EN14470-1

Model Size (mm) Doors
Underbench 1100w x 595d x 635h 2 door PDF Image
Freestanding 595w x 595d x 2080h 1 door PDF Image
Freestanding 1195w x 595d x 2080h 2 door PDF Image
Many other sizes available - contact our sales office for details

Standard Features

  • For safe storage of flammable chemicals indoors.
  • Reduces the risk of your flammable chemicals becoming part of a fire in your premises, thereby giving your staff time to vacate the building anf time for fire fighters to control the fire.
  • Ventilation ports.
  • Spillage retention.
  • Adjustable shelves.
  • Secure lockable doors.
  • From low level to 90 minutes fire protection.
  • Safety signage fitted as standard.
  • Wide range of sizes. Benchtop, underbench and free standing.

Flameproof cabinets

Low level fire protection. Complies with COSHH, HFL and LPG regulations 1972, HS(G)51, Uk factory Inspectorate.

FM(Factory Mutual USA) approved

FM(Factory Mutual USA) approved Flammables Cabinets providing mid level fire protection. FM and OSHA approved USA.

EN 14470-1

EN 14470-1(new european standard) Flammables Cabinets procviding up to 90 minutes fire protection.


Flameproof Cabinets

Our flameproof chemical storage cabinets are designed to offer low level fire protection. Each flameproof cabinet is powder coated safety yellow and features a durable, welded steel construction. The hinged lockable doors ensure greater chemical storage security. The adjustable shelves ensure flexible storage of flammable chemicals while the welded base helps to retain chemical spills.

FM Flammable Storage Cabinets

Our FM flammable storage cabinets are powder coated safety yellow and offer a welded steel construction as well as a double skin with insulating core. The hinged lockable doors offer greater chemical storage security while the adjustable shelves facilitate flexible storage of flammable liquids and chemicals. The welded base on each flammable storage cabinet ensures to retain leaks and spills.

90 Minute Flammable Chemical Cabinets to EN14470-1

Our 90 minute flammable chemical cabinets are constructed to EN-14470-1 standards. Powder coated safety yellow, our 90 minute flammable cabinets feature a welded steel construction., insulated walls and doors, hinged lockable, self closing doors and adjustable shelves. The 100mm ventilation ports ensure appropriate ventilation of mists and vapours arising from flammable chemicals store in the unit while the welded Base ensures to retain leaks and spills.

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