IBC Bunds ensure spill protection when storing or handling IBC containers up to 1000 Litres. These versatile IBC Bund units are leak tested and certified to ensure optimum leak and spill protection. Available in a range of sizes and material constructions to different chemicals and varying weights.

IBC Bunds from £820.00 delivered

Plastic IBC Bund

Model Size (mm) Bund
JIBCB 1450w x 1450d x 1000h 1100 litres PDF Image
JIBCB2 2450w x 1450d x 575h 1100 litres PDF Image
IBCB 1600w x 1830d x 700h 1150 litres PDF Image
JIBCBs 1680w x 1680d x 700h 1200 litres PDF Image

Steel IBC Bunds

Model Size (mm) Bund
SIBCB 1600w x 1600d x 600h 1150 litres PDF Image
SIBCB2 2300w x 1600d x 450h 1200 litres PDF Image
MIBCB 1600w x 1600d x 1200h 1150 litres PDF Image

Standard Features

  • Choice of moulded plastic construction suitable for corrosive chemicals and heavy duty steel.
  • Range of sizes to suit all requirements.
  • Optional removable decks to support IBCs.
  • For safe storage of IBC containers up to 1000 litres capacity and up to 2500kgs weight.
  • Spilled chemicals easily removed.
  • Bunds leak tested and certified.
  • Steel IBC Bunds available with epoxy painted or galvanised finish.
  • Can be transported by pallet truck or Fork truck
  • Mobile steel IBC Bund with side walls and safety chain.

Plastic IBC Bunds.

Corrosion resistant polyethylene construction.

Steel IBC Bunds.

Heavy duty welded steel construction. Painted or galvanised finish.

Customised Features

  • Steel IBC Bunds can be manufactured to any size.
  • Choice of finish colours on painted steel IBC Bunds.

  • Customise Your Solution

IBC Tilter

Spring loaded IBC Tilter raises automatically as volume in IBC reduces. See the tilter in action.

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