Our IBC storage cabinets ensure safe storage of IBC tanks and containers. Suitable for external and internal use, our IBC storage cabinets offer the option of heavy duty steel or corrosion resistant plastic construction. Bunds are leak tested and certified, these standard, off-the-shelf units provide dependable storage of 1 to 2 IBC containers. IBC cabinets can however be customised to meet any storage capacity/size requirements.

Plastic Bunded IBC Cabinets

Model Size (mm) Stores Bund
Single IBC Cab 1450w x 1450d x 2400h 1 IBC 1150 litres PDF Image
Twin IBC Cab 2450w x 1450d x 2200h 2 IBCs 1150 litres PDF Image
Plastic IBC Cab 1540 x 1600 x 2350mm 1 IBC 1100 litres PDF Image

Steel Anti-vandal IBC Cabinets

Model Size (mm) Stores Bund
SS1IBCav 1500w x 1500d x 2100h 1 IBC 1150 litres PDF Image
SS2IBCav 3000w x 1500d x 2600h 2 IBCs 1150 litres PDF Image

Standard Features

  • Bunded storage for 1000 litre IBC containers.
  • Fully weatherproof.
  • For internal or external use.
  • Leak tested and certified bunds.
  • Option of heavy duty steel or corrosion resistant plastic bunds.
  • Cabinets delivered fully assembled.
  • Ventilated.
  • Safety / warning signage fitted.
  • Bunds leak tested and certified.

Plastic Bund IBC Cabinets

Corrosion resistant polyethylene bunds with flexible PVC weather cover or secure metal enclosures.

Steel anti-vandal IBC Cabinets

Fully welded secure steel construction. Suitable for non secure sites.

Customised Features

  • IBC cabinets can be manufactured to any size / capacity.
  • Can be manufactured extra high to allow space for pumps.
  • Option of Polyethylene or steel bunds.
  • Can be finished in any colour.
  • Range of safety / warning signage options.

  • Customise Your Solution

With respect to design of equipment and actually listening to what the customer requires, I would have to say that Safety Storage Systems Ltd. ticks all the boxes. Their customer service is excellent with any queries being answered promptly and to my satisfaction. Ordered items arrive within the stated lead times.

Brian Quaid Environmental Officer, Waste Management — Lisheen Mine

IBC Cabinet Specifications

Spill Protection

Each of our IBC storage cabinets feature chemical spill bunds to ensure maximum spill and leak protection.


Single IBC cabinet feature hinged doors while twin IBC storage cabinets feature sliding doors on twin IBC cabinet. The zipped access panels enables easy loading and unloading of IBCs.


Plastic IBC cabinets come with a secure metal enclosure while both plastic and steel IBC cabinets are pad lockable for additional security. The steel IBC cabinets offer a fully secure, welded, anti-vandal construction and are suitable for non-secure sites.


Each IBC cabinet offers a fully weatherproof construction with flexible PVC weather covers to protect from the elements in the case of external use.

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