Our corrosive storage cabinets are the ideal solution for safe internal storage of corrosive chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and more. These units are available in a range of different sizes and multiple storage levels and doors can be catered for ensuring flexible corrosive chemical storage. Choose either a polyester coated steel construction or an all plastic construction for safe storage of aggressive corrosive chemicals.

Coated steel Corrosives Cabinets

Model Size (mm) Level
AC2 460w x 460d x 760h 2 storage levels PDF Image
AC4 915w x 460d x 710h 2 storage levels PDF Image
AC8 915w x 460d x 1830h 4 storage levels PDF Image
Many other sizes available - contact our sales office for details

Moulded HDPE Corrosives Cabinets

Model Size (mm) Doors
Benchtop 360w x 415d x 500h 1 door PDF Image
Underbench 915w x 635d x 890h 2 door PDF Image

Laminated PVC Corrosives Cabinets

Model Size (mm) Doors
APC31 635w x 615d x 670h 1 door PDF Image
APC61 1135w x 615d x 670h 2 door PDF Image
APC91 635w x 615d x 1850h 1 door PDF Image
APC220 1135w x 615d x 1850h 2 door PDF Image

Standard Features

  • For safe storage of Corrosive chemicals indoors.
  • Range of cabinets from polyester coated steel to all plastic construction cabinets for highly corrosive chemicals.
  • Ventilation ports.
  • Spillage retention.
  • Adjustable shelves.
  • Secure lockable doors.
  • All plastic construction cabinets for highly corrosive chemicals.
  • Safety signage fitted as standard.
  • Wide range of sizes. Benchtop, underbench and free standing.

Steel Corrosive Cabinets

Coated steel Corrosives cabinets providing safe storage for mildly corrosive chemicals.

Plastic Corrosive Cabinets

All-plastic constructed corrosive cabinets for storage of highly corrosive chemicals.

Customised Features


Coated Steel Corrosives Cabinets

Each coated steel corrosive cabinet is polyester powder-coated white and features a welded steel construction with hinged lockable doors for extra security. The adjustable shelves enable flexible corrosive chemical storage while the welded base offers spill containment.

Moulded HDPE Corrosives Cabinets

Our standard HDPE corrosive cabinets are blue in colour and are constructed with moulded polyethylene. Each HDPE corrosive storage cabinet features hinged lockable doors and adjustable shelves. These corrosive cabinets are fitted with spill trays to retain chemical spills and leaks.

Laminated PVC Corrosives Cabinets

Each laminated corrosive cabinet features a fabricated cellular PVC construction. Choose from hinged or sliding lockable doors depending on your requirements. Our PVC corrosives cabinets includes spill trays which ensure containment of leaks and spills while the removable spill shelves facilitate swift, effective spill clean-up and removal.

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