Our bunded spill pallets enable safe storage of single or multiple drums up to 210 litres. We offer non corrosive polyethylene spill pallets for safe storage of up to 4 drums and robust steel spill pallets for safe storage of up to 8 drums. Each spill pallet is transportable by pallet truck or fork truck. The spill decks are removable to enable cleaning and removal of spilled liquids.

Spill Pallets from £205.00 delivered

Plastic Spill Pallets

Model Size (mm) Stores Bund
BP1 1000w x 680d x 600h 1 drum 230 litres PDF Image
BP2 1300w x 750d x 440h 2 drum 250 litres PDF Image
BP4 1380w x 1290d x 280h 4 drum 250 litres PDF Image

Steel Spill Pallets

Model Size (mm) Stores Bund
SP1 800w x 800d x 500h 1 drum 230 litres PDF
SP2 1350w x 800d x 350h 2 drums 230 litres PDF
SP4 1350w x 1350d x 250h 4 drums 240 litres PDF Image
SP8 2600w x 1350d x 250h 8 drums 500 litres PDF

Standard Features

  • Range of sizes to suit all requirements.
  • Choice of moulded plastic construction suitable for corrosive chemicals and heavy duty steel.
  • Removable decks keep drums out of spilled liquids.
  • For safe storage of chemical drums and containers up to 210 litres.
  • Spilled chemicals easily removed.
  • Bunds leak tested and certified.
  • Steel pallets available with epoxy painted or galvanised finish.
  • Can be transported by pallet truck or Fork truck.

Plastic Spill Pallets

Corrosion resistant polyethylene construction.

Steel Spill Pallets

Heavy duty welded steel construction. Painted or galvanised finish.

Customised Features

  • Steel Spill Pallets can be manufactured to any size.
  • Choice of finish colours on painted steel Spill Pallets.

  • Customise Your Solution


Plastic Spill Pallets

Moulded polyethylene construction. Removable polyethylene deck/platform.

Steel Spill Pallets

Welded mild steel with removable galvanised open mesh grating.

Epoxy Paint Finish

Option of Epoxy paint finish or hot dip zinc galvanised finish.

Fork Lift Slots

Slots for fork lift & pallet truck on plastic spill pallets.

Forklift Pockets

Forklift pockets on steel spill pallets.

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