Temperature controlled storage units from Safety Storage Systems are thermostatically controlled. They ensure safe chemical storage of hazardous materials sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Our temperature controlled storage units enable the setting of specific temperature ranges to avoid chemicals overheating or freezing. Containers can be segregated to facilitate climate controlled storage at different temperatures.

Temperature Controlled Storage

  • Frost Protected/Heated Chemical stores:

    Our heated chemical storage units provide frost protection for chemicals which are likely to freeze in low temperatures. The temperature controlled storage functionality ensures that chemical combustion due to chemical freezing can be prevented.

  • Temperature controlled stores:

    Temperature controlled storage units offer full chemical control enabling chemicals to be stored within preset upper and lower temperature limits. Temperature controlled stores are fitted with monitors to ensure personnel can consistently analyse and record temperatures.


Standard Features

  • Can be fitted to any of our chemical stores.
  • Atex versions for flammable chemicals.
  • Thermostatically controlled.
  • Monitors to provide constant record of temperatures in the store.
  • Stores can be segregated to provide different temperatures in different compartments.
  • Delivered to site fully assembled requiring only connection to power supply.
  • Complies with the requirements of PPG26.

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