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Spill Decks are a vital part of keeping businesses that work with liquid chemicals safe. They catch and securely store any spills or leaks that the drums resting on top may emit, preventing them from endangering your employees and work space. These spills are safely contained until you can deal with the waste, increasing the safety of your work space.

  1. Safer Clean Up

Spill decks make it safer to clean up chemical leakage, spills and overflow. As the spill is contained within the deck, you can approach the waste safely, without having to walk through the chemicals and risking damage to your clothing and skin. Additionally, the grating is removable, allowing easy access to the chemicals for safe removal and cleaning.

  1. Bunded Work Floor

The spill decks can be linked together to create a bunded work floor, ideal for protecting your entire workspace from spills and leaks. This safety minimises the damage caused by spilled chemicals not only where they are stored, but also at work stations and when they are being transported through your business. They can be custom manufactured to ensure the size fits your space, and can be fixed with screws to your concrete floor to prevent shifting. These floors are durable, and the heavy duty versions allow forklifts and other machinery to be driven across without buckling.

  1. Prevents Contamination

Containing the spill within the deck prevents overflow from contaminating your work space. Liquid chemicals can spread quickly and so having safety measures in place ensures the security of your drains and your water supply. It also prevents the spill from mixing with chemical materials that may be on the floor of your business, such as petroleum or other volatile chemicals, and having an adverse reaction. For example, when certain chemicals are mixed together they may cause explosions, fire or corrosive gases.

  1. Prevents Corrosion

Corrosive chemicals can cause incredible damage to a business space if they leak. They can destroy flooring, metal work benches or tools, any organic compounds encountered, etc. Spill decks for situations involving corrosive chemicals are most commonly created out of moulded polyethylene or other plastics, preventing the corrosive substances from corroding the trays and entering your work space.

Want to find out more about protecting your business from chemical spills? Feel free to get in touch with our team. If you’d like more expert information and advice surrounding chemical storage and chemical safety, read our previous blog posts.