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Chemistry is the key to solving some of the most difficult problems in the world, including the COVID-19 pandemic. It supports up to 500,000 UK jobs (across the supply chain) and added £28 billion in value to the UK economy in 2020 alone.

At the same time, the UK chemical manufacturing industry is going through periods of great change. With the European market being further away and supply chain issues presenting new challenges, chemical companies need to be more fluid throughout their business.

One way to build resilience and agility into your chemical manufacturing company is to reinvigorate your chemical storage plan with customer chemical storage solutions. Here are three reasons why custom storage can help chemical companies weather the current climate.

1. Manage Supply Chain Transitions Safely

From Brexit to Covid-19, the supply chain challenges faced in the year 2021 are only just getting started and will show up in many different forms. According to Deloitte, Chemical manufacturers need to digitise, prepare for a circular supply chain, press pause on production, and generally be more agile than they’ve ever been before.

By choosing custom chemical storage, you can build a chemical storage system that allows you to fit past trends and projected future needs, allowing you to take back control over your operations, even in a changing environment.

2. Support New Customer Expectations

The UK is a global chemicals innovation leader, and while the chemical sector has accomplished some incredible technology, innovation will require chemical companies to do more than create new products. As EY analysts note, chemical companies need to do more than manufacture and deliver products; customers will expect you to adapt to their changing preferences. You’ll see more customer and supplier involvement, which will complicate your business.

Custom chemical storage is a strategic part of meeting customers’ changing expectations. Custom chemical storage can be built to your exact dimensions, so you can get the storage you need with the space you have and build flexibility into your operations. Plus, with the ability to build a custom storage and rent other forms of storage for short or long-term durations, you’ll be able to scale without commitment, giving you extra breathing room.

3. Better Risk Management

Spills and leakages still pose a problem for chemical factories and chemical supply chain players. While automated communications are increasingly helping quality control, security, and safety teams streamline these operations, it remains imperative that chemical suppliers are not overlooking basic principles of chemical storage safety in favour of new advancements.

Ensuring chemical companies start with the best fit in chemical storage provides the baseline for which new technologies and digitisation can make a true impact.

Custom Chemical Storage is Part of the Transition to the Future of Chemical Services

There are many pressures facing chemical product suppliers and chemical manufacturing plants, but storage doesn’t need to be one of them. To keep up with changing customer needs, supply chain requirements, and proactive risk management, you’ll need the right chemical storage solutions.

Safety Storage Systems helps chemical companies across the UK to manage COSHH responsibilities and grow their businesses. Let us know how we can help build your customer chemical storage solution.