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If storing IBC containers on site, U.K. businesses have two main chemical storage options to choose from – IBC stores or IBC cabinets. This decision can often result in confusion as businesses struggle to decipher which IBC storage unit best fits their needs. Many also assume that the two different IBC storage options are one of the same. However, there are some key differences in the reasons why you should choose IBC stores or IBC cabinets.

What is an IBC Store?

IBC stores are made from heavy duty welded steel and are generally used externally. They are designed with epoxy coated steel IBC bunds which ensure safe storage of bulk hazardous chemicals such as solvents and pharmaceuticals.

When should you use IBC Stores?

IBC stores are the ideal solution for the storage of large quantities of hazardous materials. Not only do they guarantee this but they also offer quick access to your stored materials. They are fully ventilated, with sliding lockable doors and offer safety signage fitted as standard.

IBC stores can safely store anywhere between 2 and 24 IBC containers, ranging in volumes from 1150 litres to 6,000 litres. All IBC’s are stored on parallel beams to ensure highly effective, safe chemical storage. Due to the large quantity of chemicals stored within an IBC store, they are generally intended for external use.

Remember to consider your future IBC container storage needs when trying to choose between an IBC store and an IBC cabinet. If your organisation is continuously growing or you intend to expand operations somewhere down the line, you will need to consider whether your future IBC storage needs will require the external storage space of an IBC store.

What is an IBC Cabinet?

IBC cabinets are smaller, bunded chemical storage solutions usually constructed from steel or corrosion resistant plastic. They are designed to store a small number of IBC containers and offer efficient safety and protection within a compact area. They too are fully ventilated, are made from anti vandal construction and offer safety signage as standard.

When should you use an IBC cabinet?

IBC cabinets are the most suitable solution if you store a smaller volume of chemicals in IBC containers on site. IBC cabinets can typically store between 1 and 2 IBC containers with storage volumes up to 1150 litres. However, due to their more compact nature, they take up minimal space and can be used for both internal and external means.

Ultimately, if your business needs to store large volumes of IBC containers and/or requires an external IBC storage unit, choose an IBC store. If you require individual IBC storage units for safe internal or external storage of 1-2 IBC containers, an IBC cabinet is a better fit for your needs.

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