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The security of your chemical storage unit is of utmost importance.  A secure chemical storage solution can help to prevent pollution to the environment, theft of expensive chemicals and injuries to authorised and unauthorised personnel. It is also key to managing stock control on-site too.

When purchasing a chemical store or chemical cabinet, it is important to consider installing additional key security measures to maximise chemical storage security and in turn maximise workplace safety.

Ensure your chemical store is lockable

Many chemical stores will offer pad-lockable security as standard, however, you should double check that such security measures are included in the cost of your chemical storage unit. Once your chemical store is installed, ensure that all doors to chemical stores are actively secured immediately on departure of authorised personnel from the area. Secondly, if you store liquids in individual boxes or containers, you should consider padlocking these individual units to make them difficult to tamper with.

You could always choose to introduce an even more secure lock system such as keyed deadlocks. Of course, if doing so, an important point to consider is how and where you will store the keys for the chemical store. Only authorised personnel should know exactly where the keys are stored. Monitoring of these keys should be upheld, to ensure that they are not lost or stolen.

Consider the threat of vandalism & theft

If a site is often unmanned and your business stores a large volume of chemicals, it can prove attractive to thieves and vandals. Therefore, it may be worthwhile investing in a chemical storage unit which features an anti-vandal construction.

Such chemical storage units are purposefully built with welded steel and are extremely durable. They also feature double opening high-security doors and sophisticated locking mechanisms which make them extremely difficult to break into.

Introduce a swipe card system

Swipe card systems are a very clever means of keeping control of entry into chemical storage areas. They ensure that only authorised individuals can gain access to your chemical storage facility. Swipe cards simplify the management of your chemical store as should an incident occur, you can quickly identify whose swipe card was used to access the chemical storage area.

Install security cameras

Installing security cameras is another wise move to take to maximise chemical storage security. Consider installing security cameras not only facing the entry/exit point of the chemical store but within the unit itself. Security cameras offer the great ability to monitor the area remotely. Where large volumes of chemicals are stored, it may be wise to invest in 24/7 monitored security cameras.

Keep an access log

Keeping a log of who accesses your chemical storage unit is also important. All personnel should log both their entry into and exit from the chemical storage area to ensure more efficient, effective monitoring of the area.

Need to maximise chemical storage security in your workplace?

Implementing additional chemical storage security measures ensure great piece of mind and help to ensure chemical safety compliance. Looking for a high quality, highly secure, chemical storage solution? Contact us today for advice and assistance. We can provide custom chemical storage units built to suit your individual needs.

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