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Storing chemicals requires precise catering to the requirements of each specific material. To maintain the safety and quality of the chemicals, Chemical Stores are now available with the option of insulation. An insulated chemical store offers an extensive range of benefits, such as maintaining required temperatures, protecting against fire and conserving energy.


  1. Maintains Required Temperatures

Some chemicals have adverse reactions to certain temperatures. As a result, steps must be taken to keep them stable at either cool, warm or room temperatures. Insulation helps ensure the thermal reading inside of your chemical storage maintains the necessary level at all times, preventing work place accidents. Insulated chemical storage is not only effective at preventing ambient temperatures from affecting the inside of the store, it is also ideal for keeping manufactured heat or cold inside of the storage unit.

  1. Increased Energy Efficiency

As mentioned above, occasionally additional measures are needed to maintain the requisite temperature of your chemical store. Installing heaters and/or cooling to maintain thermal readings proves essential for particularly temperature sensitive chemicals or if your workspace is in an extreme climate. Occasionally, heating measures are also taken when damp or condensation is a concern. However, these require an energy source and insulation serves to make this output more energy efficient.

Insulated chemical storage prevents heat from escaping the storage unit or the cold from being affected by outside heat. As a result, your chemical storage units do not have to work as hard to maintain the temperature within, saving energy and in turn conserving your financial resources.

  1. Insulated firewalls

If chemicals are consumed by fire they can add to the blaze, exasperating the flames and increasing the danger. Depending on the chemical type, they can cause the blaze to worsen, trigger an explosion or emit dangerous gases. Insulated firewalls help prevent fire from worsening by ensuring they don’t reach your chemicals.

Most insulated chemical storage options are designed to maintain safe temperatures within the unit for a specific amount of time, helping prevent the outside temperatures from causing an adverse reaction in the chemicals. This allows steps to be taken to control the blaze, giving you time to evacuate your workforce, call the fire brigade or take other fire dampening measures before the fire reaches your chemicals. However, make sure the outer material is fire proof so the flames do not reach the insulation itself.

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