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If you work with hazardous materials such as highly flammable liquids, you understand the importance of proper management and storage. Because these chemicals react poorly to changes in temperature, mishandling or contamination, they present a serious risk to you and your staff if mismanaged.

For the safety of you and those working around you, the best way to manage these chemicals is by storing them in an isolated, temperature-controlled environment, away from heavy foot traffic, and far enough away to avoid contributing to or increasing the severity of a fire on site. For this, a walk-in chemical store is the best and safest option for your business.

Here are 10 reasons our customers choose walk in flammable storage units for their facilities.

  1. Better for organisation. Walk in stores offer extra shelving and space to allow for more organised storage of your chemicals, ensuring staff can easily locate the right materials.
  2. Lowers risk of contamination. The increased area also offers additional protection against chemicals mixing, should there be a spill or a container malfunction. The additional area to store dangerous chemicals apart from each other offers more protection and keeps staff safe by giving them more room to deal with any spills or malfunctions. The extra space also allows you to store chemicals further apart from each other, decreasing contamination risks.
  3. Large enough to bring in a trolley. With enough space to bring in and manoeuvre a trolley, these spacious storage containers allow for easier transportation of your dangerous materials. Using a trolley for transportation not only decreases the risk of spillages, but also saves your staff from having to make multiple trips in and out of the designated, temperature-controlled area.
  4. Extra space for handling materials. The walk-in stores also provide a fire resistant and ventilated space in which staff can carry out activities that require them to open and handle hazardous materials, such as transferring liquids. Smaller storage cabinets would require the materials to be moved to a hood or other ventilated area and then back again for storage, presenting additional opportunities for accidents and spillages.
  5. Lockable doors for added security. Storing your flammable liquids in a walk-in container also provides an extra layer of security, with locking doors to prevent any unauthorised personnel from entering. In addition to this feature, the size and location of the storage unit will ensure that it’s not mistaken for another chemical cabinet, avoiding any confusion in delivering or removing materials.
  6. Ventilated space for health and safety. Each walk-in chemical storage cabinet is fully ventilated to prevent staff encountering hazardous fumes. Many smaller cabinets do not contain ventilation systems, meaning they would require transportation to a ventilated unit before handling. With the walk-in storage units, there is no need to worry about the chemicals ever being handled in an unventilated environment.
  7. Internal storage protects staff and materials. The walk-in flammables stores are supplied with up to 90 minutes fire protection to BS476, which allows for storage in ‘unsafe’ locations. Depending on the layout of your facility, these stores can be located either internally or externally. Internal storage allows for easier access to the materials, which is helpful if staff are frequently entering and exiting, or if they aren’t using trolleys for transportation.
  8. External storage frees up space in facility. Because these storage units are self-contained, they can also be located outside the main facility, freeing up space inside for other equipment or simply ease of movement. This also removes your flammable liquids from any heavy traffic areas, reducing risk even further.
  9. Isolated in case of emergencies. Whether your walk-in flammable storage unit is placed outside or inside your facility, its fire-resistant nature will keep your staff safe in a worst-case scenario. The safety cabinet will keep a facility fire from reaching materials that could act as accelerants and will also prevent a fire within the store from spreading to the rest of the facility.
  10. Custom storage for optimal usage. Our walk in chemical storage cabinets come in all shapes and sizes, and can be customised to meet your facility’s needs. This ensures that you have the space you need to create a safe environment for you and your staff, but that you’re not paying for space or features that you don’t need.

Above all, the safety of you and your staff is paramount when considering flammable liquid storage options for your facility. The experts at Safety Storage Systems can work with you to ensure your walk-in storage meets all your needs without compromising quality or safety.

Contact the chemical storage specialists today with your query. Call or request a quote and one of our team of experts will be in touch to help uncover the best solution for your needs.