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That hazard is the risk of personal injury and potential environmental pollution caused by incorrect storage of hazardous chemicals on construction sites. Many construction companies wouldn’t think to have chemical storage cabinets on site. However, you would be surprised how realistic the threat of damage or injury is from chemicals used on a building site.

On a construction site, there are hazardous chemicals used by many trades. For example:

  • Blocklayers: Caustic soda (cement), concrete additives.
  • Plasterers: Plaster additives.
  • Tilers: Tile adhesives, sealers and cleaners.
  • Carpenters: Agents for wood protection and treatment e.g. solvents, joint sealants, wood glues, floor sealant, adhesives.
  • Painters: Paint, solvents and thinners.
  • Mechanics/Truck Operators: Fuels and lubricants.

The hazardous chemicals can present many different risks including fire (paints, fuels, adhesives), and risks to environment and the health of on-site personnel (corrosives including cleaners and additives). Any accidents or injuries caused by improper storage of the hazardous chemicals will also impact negatively on the build schedule, resulting in additional costs or financial penalties. The hazardous chemicals must therefore be stored in a safe manner to reduce the risk of personal injury and environmental pollution. The best method to use for chemical storage on construction sites are Chemical Storage Cabinets. Such cabinets provide safe, external storage of any chemicals used in construction.

The benefits of a Chemical Storage Cabinet include:

Security: In a chemical storage cabinet, the chemicals will be locked away securely preventing any unauthorised access.

Pollution Control: The chemical storage cabinets are bunded, so any spilled chemicals are captured in the bund, therefore preventing the threat of preventing environmental pollution.

Fire Safety: A chemical storage cabinet will prevent your highly flammable chemicals from becoming part of any fire on site for enough time to allow safe evacuation of the site.

Stock Control: Limiting access to the chemical storage cabinet will help with stock control and wastage.

There are many Chemical Storage Cabinets on the market which are designed for external storage of hazardous chemicals on construction sites and some companies can manufacture bespoke chemical storage cabinets to suit your site specific needs. If you are operating a construction site, safe chemical storage should be one of the key priorities on your health and safety checklist.