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Unlike indoor cabinets, outdoor chemical storage cabinets are constructed to withstand the elements. They are fully waterproof, with a reinforced, heavy duty design allowing them to endure any weather conditions. Moreover, they’re created to be anti-vandal, with secure padlocks protecting your materials. As a result, they can securely store any chemicals outdoors, which has a range of benefits for your business.


Out of the way

Outdoor areas tend to have fewer staff passing by, and less activities performed in the vicinity. Therefore, storing chemicals outside reduces the chance of employees coming into contact with both the storage units, and the chemicals within. This, plus the fact outside areas tend to have more room to manoeuvre, also decreases the risk of maintenance vehicles accidently jolting or damaging the storage units.


Increases Space

Using outdoor chemical storage cabinets allows space inside the workplace to be better utilized, increasing productivity. As storage units are often bulky, to ensure the chemicals within remain secure, they can take up a lot of room. This not only takes up valuable space that could be used to store stock or safety equipment, but may also prevent vehicles, such as forklifts, from moving freely throughout the workplace .


Minimizes Incident Impact

As the storage is outside, the impact of any chemical incidents is minimized. If the store is located in the yard of a manufacturing warehouse, it’s less likely for chemical spills or reactions, such as explosions, to come into contact with valuable machinery, stock or employees. It also lessens the danger of chemical fumes, which can prove deadly. The outdoor setting provides natural ventilation which helps keep your staff members safe. However, a chemical spill kit should still be kept near all chemicals, regardless of whether it’s indoors or outdoors.


Versatile Options

External chemical cabinets are also extremely versatile options. While they’re designed to withstand any weather conditions, they may also be used indoors if the need arises. In contrast, internal cabinets cannot be used outdoors without suffering from damage and breaching the security of the chemicals within. As a result, choosing outdoor cabinets can be a smarter choice for businesses which require both indoor and outdoor storage, as it allows them to move their storage options as needed.


Fire Protection

If you choose an external chemical store and locate it outdoors, you will not be required to have a fire rated store for storage of flammables if the store is on a ‘safe’ location.  However, if you store flammables indoors you will be required to store them in a fire protected store or cabinet which is considerably more expensive.

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